You Ready?

Teddy's Favorite Bicycle Messenger 1907

Worked for Abraham Lincoln from 1862-1865, In this 1907 picture, taken in the Lower East Side after her passing at the age of 66, she is beginning our bicycle messenger service.

Teddy's Favorite Bicycle Messenger - Current Day

Here she is looking very spry at the age of 152. And she STILL won't tell Teddy her name. Being boss of the place, if he really wanted to he could get it. But he enjoys the asking, and she enjoys the not telling. Teddy thinks of her visits as a Bright Spandex Moment.

Teddy Leadville FGA,GGG,LDE,HG-LES

Once a guardian angel, Teddy was fired for taking a day off and allowing his charge to die in a skydiving accident. Now the Head Guy in the Lower East Side, and works special assignments for BG.

Beautiful Out There...

Welcome to Heaven's Lower East Side

Getting here is easy... for some...

You just need one, yes One redeeming value.

Others get lost along the way...

And either can't, or choose not to, find the path.